It's chuckle time......

Q: What's black and white and noisy?

A: A zebra with a drum kit!


Q: Why do humming-birds hum?

A: Because they can't remember the words!


Q: What shoes do frogs wear?

A: Open toad sandals!


Q: Why are camels moody?

A: Because they've always got the hump! 

What do you get if you cross:


Q: An alligator and a chocolate bar?

A: A chocodile!


Q: A pig and a mouse?

A: Squeaky bacon!


Q: A chicken, a poodle and a chinese takeaway?

A: Cock-a-noodle-poodle-doodle-oo! 

BUG corner


Q: How do beetles tell the time?

A: With a clock-roach!


Q: Why do bees have sticky hair?

A: Because they have honey combs!


And finally...


thanks to everyone who left ACE jokes on my message board this month - you all made me laugh out loud :)


In fact, my readers are...

The World's Silliest Joke-Tellers!