Danny Baker Record Breaker

Banner of Danny Baker Record Breaker.

Here's where you can find out everything you ever wanted to know about Danny Baker Record Breaker The World's Biggest Bogey and The World's Awesomest Air-Barf ... as well as the fantastic artists who illustrate the books!

Danny Baker Record Breaker



Danny Baker wants to be the best in the world at something – anything - and he doesn’t care how stinky, sticky, itchy, slimy, noisy, or grubby he gets on his way to becoming a Record Breaker!

Matthew Mason, Danny Baker Record Breaker's best friend



Matthew Mason is Danny’s best friend, and Captain of the school football team. He loves to help Danny with his record attempts, by inventing the gadgets and doing the maths.

Natalie, Danny Baker Record Breaker's Older Sister



Natalie is Danny’s older sister. She likes everything to be clean and pink and fluffy. Danny’s disgusting ways drive her mad and make her grumpy, and she snitches on him whenever she can.

Danny's Mum



Danny’s Mum puts up with Danny’s record-breaking, but she draws the line when Danny’s underpants become a health hazard! She loves taking things to pieces and putting them back together again.

Danny Baker Record Breaker's Dad




Danny’s Dad is Danny’s hero, and the Best Goalkeeper in the World Ever. The certificate he was once awarded by the Great Big Book of World Records is what inspired Danny to begin his Quest to be Best!

Mr Bibby, Keeper of the Records




Mr Bibby is Keeper of the Records at the Great Big Book of World Records. In his letters he encourages Danny’s attempts, making sure he sticks to the rules and does everything By The Book.

Illustrations by Kate Pankhurst. Danny Baker banner by Nick Sharratt.