Quiz About Me

Who are you?
Black and White primary school class photo with Steve picked out with handwritten text "Me!"

I was born in Manchester, when everybody in the world was in black and white — here’s a photo of me to prove it!


I live with my wife in a house on a street, up a hill, in a town, in Lancashire, in England . 

orange badge with text "Undiscovered Voices: Winner, 2008"

I won the 2008 Undiscovered Voices competition, a competition for new writers run by the SCBWI British Isles and Working Partners.

My book "Oliver Fibbs: Attack of the Alien Brain" won the 2014 Surrey Libraries Children's Book of the Year Award.

Where did you get the idea for Danny Baker?
Guinness World Record certificates for Mass yodel and Mass Yo Yo


I've got two certificates from the Guinness Book of World Records - for taking part in a Mass Yodel, and Mass Yo-yo!

My daughter Connie was really jealous - she wanted one too, and the seed of an idea for a story was planted, and began to grow...

Any hobbies?
William Tell image with Steve's head swopped for William Tell



I shoot arrows.


I’m not very good at it.


My daughter Connie was the 2009 National Junior Champion, and represented England.


She ALWAYS beats me.

Favourite colour?
Steve Hartley tinted green all over.






Favourite place on earth?

Italy! I speak Italian, but not very well, and I dream (sigh) that one day, I’ll live in Venice.

I'm glad I didn't live in Pompeii in 79AD, because that's when it was buried by a volcanic eruption! If I'd been there, this is what I would have looked like. Probably. Possibly. Maybe not.

Steve as gladiator in Pompeii ruins
Favourite animal?
Steve Hartley with Penguins!







Who is your hero?
Steve Hartley and Gromit





Gromit the Dog.

What else do you like?
Desmond Dragon, Busterdog and Busterdog waving
On the left is Desmond Dragon, the Rochdale FC mascot. It’s not me inside, honest. Well, maybe it is. Possibly. Probably. On the right is Buster, the Best Dog in the World.

• Going very slowly over speed-bumps in my car

• Sleeping

• Hugging trees

• Bull Terriers

• Books

• Bananas

• Cricket

• Rugby

• Cow biscuits

• The seaside

• Footy  Mascots

• Red hair

• Blue hair

• Bacon Butties

• Chip Butties

• Coffee (black, no sugar please)

• The words "Plump" "Wobble" and "Nincompoop"

what do you hate?
Steve Hartley hates mobile phones


• Mobile phones

• Tuna sandwiches

• Being sticky

• Being stung

• Getting splinters

• Finding a verruca

• Running out of biscuits

• Burning the crumpets

• Treading on Lego

• Being told off

• The chip-shop being shut when I really fancy chips

• The words "Guacamole" "Snitch" and "No"

Steve Hartley being Silly.



I would want to sing, waggle my ears, and be able to touch the tip of my nose with my tongue (not necessarily at the same time). 

But wait. That would be silly, wouldn't it?